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Check here if your telephone system is tapi compliant.


  • contact your Phone supplier for the tapi driver software (must be delivered by the manufacturer of the phone or a 3party that made a software for your brand)
  • provide this document to the Phone supplier
  • we strongly recomend that the phone supplier should install & configure the Tapi driver and prof with phone.exe (as described below) the function
  • install Phone.exe on your own
  • select your tapi device (sometimes your extension or your name) 
  • click on start session
  • enter a phone number (with leading 0 or 9, or what ever your phone-system expects for normal call)  
  • click on make a call, you should then see the progress, your phone should start dial
  • when you have the called party on the phone, ask the party to call back and try to use the hangup button.
  • when the before called party calls back, you should see the call via the tool phone.exe
  • if you phone allows on hook dialing via Tapi (or headset) then you can try to use the button Pick-up
  • you should be connected to the call (pls make a note in what field the caller-ID is displayed you would need this for the setup of Dial-it)
  • then you should be able to hang up again, via the hang-up button. 

if you can follow the instructions above, then Dial|it will be able to work with your Phone setup. 


Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)

Testtool: PhoneExe (x86)

Manual with Screenshots for Phone.exe


If you are not able to make a call, please contact your telephone provider. He has to provide & install a tapi driver.