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Do I have to write the phone number in a specific format to use DIAL|IT?

You should use the standard ACT fuction; i.e.use the button to define the country (if the country field is filled with the right country the country code will be predefined) you can use () –   without any problems but you should not use and
you should use the leading 0 if appropriate  i.e. [49] 089 454 6170  the stuff in the  [] is not seen and it must be the act function that you see by pressing the button on the right side of the phone field.

some formats:

    [32]   010 47 00 47              fine

    [32]   (010) 47 00 47            fine

    [32]   010 4700-47                fine

    [32]   10 47 00 47                 would cause issues in Germany, not sure if it works somewhere else