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Windows Firewall Exceptions for ACT!

Firewall Exceptions for ACT!


for Performance reasons we strongly recomend to disable the Windows Firewall if you are accessing your ACT from inside.  

Acessing your SQL Server from the WAN, is not recomended due to the delay, if you want to access your ACT Database from outside, you should consider one of the following solutions


  • ACT for web
  • HandheldContact
  • ACT Sync
  • TerminalServer
  • VmWare View
  • Panologic TSE


If you want to access the ACT SQL Server from outside of your Network ( probably a DMZ) you need to open some ports 

By default this are the ports that you will need to configure when having a firewall between your Server and the Client (or Act for Web Server)



Port Number

TCP 1433 (Default SQL Server Port)
UDP 1434 (Default SQL Server Port)
TCP 80 (Default Web Port if using ACT! Internet Synchronization or ACT! by Sage Premium for Web)
TCP How to verify port number if using Network Synchronization
Use the following steps to verify the current Port number the Publisher database is monitoring for network synchronization:
  1. Launch the ACT! Network Sync Service:
    and check what port is selected there

  2. The port will be listed in the Monitor Port section.
TCP How to verify port number if using Application Synchronization
Use the following steps to verify the current port number the Publisher database is monitoring for application synchronization:
  1. Click the Tools menu, point to Synchronization, and then click Accept Incoming Sync.
    If synchronization was already enabled the following Sync Results message box appears:

  2. Click OK to stop synchronization.
  3. Click the Tools menu, point to Synchronization and then click Accept Incoming Sync again. The following ACT! dialog box appears:

  4. Verify the Port number and click OK. The following Sync Result message box appears:

  5. Click to OK to clear this message box.
TCP Instructions to determine the dynamically assigned ACTDIAG SQL Server port
    1. Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
    2. Type in actdiag and click Ok.  Windows Vista® users will just type actdiag in the Search box at the bottom of the Start Menu and click Ok.
    3. If the Disclaimer box appears, just click Ok.
    4. When ACT! Diagnostics appears, click Server on the left-hand side and then choose Server Security.
    5. The TCP/IP Port number will be indicated on this screen (see below).